This is a difficult time for all of us and it is especially challenging trying to plan for future events and activities. As much as we want to get back on the road and offering on-site training classes and workshops, we understand that right now the most important thing is for all of us to stay healthy.
We are officially suspending all training classes through the end of June and anticipate having to postpone classes into July as well. We realize that once the pandemic's threat has passed that many of you will want to reschedule your training workshops. We ask for your patience.
As we transition into the new normal, we've already begun to plan for the necessary precautions in our training classrooms.

  1. Initially we may have to limit the number of students in a classroom based on social distancing guidelines.
  2. The training facility will be appropriately sanitized and cleaned prior to class beginning.
  3. Temperatures will be checked on arrival and anyone with a temperature over 99° will be asked to go home.
  4. When students sign in and gather training materials, they will be required to use hand sanitizer.
  5. Student seating will accommodate 6' between attendees.
  6. Group activities are subject to social distancing protocol.
  7. Food services are suspended until further notice.
  8. Depending on current recommendations face masks may be required. We are currently in the process of procuring disposable masks but may ask participants to supply their own protection.
If you have any questions, please reach out to me via email or cell at 623.256.3033.