Training Workshop Policies and Procedures

Career Services Network, LLC is dedicated to providing effective, comprehensive, interactive and professional workshops and training classes. In order to do this, we have a set of policies and procedures that we adhere to that allow us to maintain the integrity and value of our programs.

REFUND POLICY - Once a student is enrolled in a workshop, via a sign-in sheet, they are considered a program participant. Career Services Network, LLC reserves the right to refuse and/or dismiss a student from class for disruptive and/or unacceptable behavior. If this is the case, Career Services Network, LLC WILL BILL the client for the participant. If a student becomes sick or has a family emergency before or during a class begins Career Services Network, LLC WILL NOT BILL the client for that participant.

ATTENDANCE POLICY - Career Services Network, LLC considers a participant who arrives on time and attends all specified hours, required classroom work/notes/tests for a training class a workshop completer. All students must attend ALL specified classroom work and required hours for the class. Career Services Network, LLC reserves the right to make exceptions to this policy for special circumstances, which will be discussed with client prior to awarding/declining a Certificate of Completion for a training class.

CRITERIA FOR COMPLETION - Each student participant that completes all of the specified requirements defined in the program curricula will receive a Certificate of Completion.