Employment Solutions

At Career Services Network, we understand that people are your most important asset and that workplace success begins with employee selection. Placing the right people in the right jobs is the first step to creating motivated and engaged employees.

Our staff is professionally trained in recruiting strategies, assessment administration, retention solutions, employment law, interviewing and more to bring you cost-effective and timely hiring strategies.

We have expertise in:
  • Developing customized job benchmarks
  • Administering pre-employment assessments for applicants
  • Creating professional job profiles
  • Defining recruiting strategies
  • Generating effective retention solutions
  • Performing phone, in-person or Internet interviews
  • Conducting reference and background checks
  • Providing verification for employment and education
Nothing detracts from your bottom line faster than employee retention problems. And what about the loss of company knowledge that walks out the door with employees when they leave? The cost of employee turnover can range from 1/2 to 4 times an employee's annual salary.

Recruiting candidates that match a professionally developed, customized job benchmark can increase employee retention and satisfaction nearly three times.

Let us help your company create an employee recruiting and retention strategy that will help give your organization a competitive edge in today's marketplace. We can provide you with solutions to identify the right candidates for the right job aligned with your company's culture to ultimately increase your employee performance, satisfaction and retention.

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