Staff Development

Since 1997 Career Services Network has developed over 60 Staff Development programs and helped 100's of employees discover workplace success. Our goal is to provide real solutions that empower work teams to reach optimum levels of performance. We have never lost sight of the fact that happy employees make successful companies.
  1. CareerCODE™ - Ethics and Etiquette in the Workplace ~ Know the code! The code of ethics. Some call it employability skills, we call it manners in the workplace. Participants review and learn the in's and out's of ethics and etiquette at work. Knowing what to do in work situations greatly impacts our effectiveness in the workplace. Participants will learn what it takes to be an A List team player.
  2. Using Behavioral Assessments to Improve Communication and Soft Skills in the Workplace - Understanding how people communicate is the first step toward effective communication and healthy relationships in the workplace. During this interactive presentation participants will learn about the different communication styles, including their own behavioral style. Effective communication is the number one tool for successfully navigating career and life success. Workshop includes completing/debriefing of DISC Behavioral Assessment.
  3. GoalGETTERS™ – This is so much more than a class on goal setting. This workshop is about a support system that has a success component built in. This lively seminar is designed to help participants learn a better way to make your dreams come true. Attendees will get all the materials and connections needed to take their ability to accomplish their goals to a whole new level.
  4. Using Interactive Classroom Tools to Teach Important Life Skills – Engaging your participants in the learning process is the best way to improve retention of the classroom topic. In this workshop participants will discuss a variety of ways to engage students including playing one of our most popular workshop games: The Family Budget Game™ that teaches participants how to budget their money, pay bills and save for the future.
  5. Get in Your Drawers – Organizing has never been so much fun! You will literally get in your drawers PLUS your file cabinets and anything that needs organizing. You'll learn to use our tried and proven Time Management Tool. Each attendee will receive access to an electronic Time Management Workbook, as well. If you need a crash course on managing your time and projects better, then this workshop is for you!
  6. Let's Do This! – Seriously, another workshop on team work!!! Yawn! But wait, why not take a chance on this one, because it has something new to add to the conversation about successful teams. In this interactive workshop plan for an open discussion about what's working and what isn't. Join us and discover what's "in the bag," to help improve all of your workplace relationships.
  7. Shift Happens! – At 211° water is just hot; but at 212° water boils and creates steam, enough to move a steam engine across the country. It's just one degree but that small "shift" has an incredible impact of the outcome. What's your 1° or that small thing you might shift in your life or work that could literally make all the difference? In this thought-provoking workshop you'll learn what it takes to make "Shift Happen." You'll gain helpful tools to take your game to the next level.
  8. Motivating Out-of-School Youth for Career Success – With so much emphasis on out-of-school youth with the new WIOA it is crucial that we incorporate innovative ways to motivate our young adult program participants. You will define and explore the issues that block progress for young adults and the strategies that inspire their life and career choices and success. The discussion will include investigating and understanding the issues that hold young adults back and the ways we can reengage and motivate our out-of-school youth population, helping them become more self–reliant.
  9. Managing Relationships in the Workplace – In this insightful workshop, plan to change your identity and discover valuable strategies and methods for improving relationships! Learn about avoiding unhealthy associations and how to recognize and manage the difference. This class is interactive and eye opening!
  10. Define Your Inner Warrior – When we think of warriors what often comes to mind is a battle field, but that's not the case in this workshop. Participants will define what gives them inner strength, those traits they possess that allow them to discover their ideal career, to achieve their goals, to navigate the life they choose in positive and fulfilling ways. When we define our Inner Warrior, we own our strength, we step into the person we were born to become!
  11. Individual Strategies for Workplace Success – This is an uplifting and inspiring workshop where attendees begin by doing a thorough self–evaluation, defining what matters to them in their lives. The second half of this seminar attendees focus on what it takes to become a dynamic and productive member of a team in the workplace.
  12. Put the ME in Your AwesoME – It's easy to put ourselves on the back burner and say, "I'll do that for me later." Unfortunately, for many of us we simply don't find the time we deserve to renew and recharge our inner joy. Participants will learn to put more ME in their tiME, more ME in their AwesoME and more ME in their Life's MEaning. Plan on learning just how important the ME is to your Life's MEaning.
  13. Reengineer Your Career – You're stuck! You've been in a rut! You want a new job but you don't know where to start. How do you take what you've done in the past, partner it with your current interests and skills and finally find the job that brings you total success and satisfaction? Attend this workshop and learn the formula to show you how to transition from where you are to where you want to be.
  14. IDEAS for Issues – IDEAS is an acronym that stands for Identify, Define, Evaluate, Address and Strategize, which attendees learn to use in dealing with conflict and conflict resolution in the workplace. Your team to identify what the issues are and how to effectively deal with them to achieve more individual and team success. Perfect for managers dealing with staff issues OR caseworkers dealing with program participant issues.
  15. The Gift – Defining the Purpose of Your Life – We've all wondered what our purpose in life is supposed to be, this workshop will help attendees define that purpose! Not only will each participant do a thorough self–evaluation of their life and career strengths and goals but will create a "gift" as a reminder of what they have to offer the world, their gifts.
  16. Building Your Authentic Self – In this interesting workshop, attendees fill up their authentic–self tool box and design a blue print to build their "life house," which represents all the essential elements of living as their authentic self. This class in highly interactive and may requires cutting, coloring and gluing skills!
  17. Back to Basics – Time Management – It's not about NOT having enough time in your day, it about how you manage the time you do have each day! In this class you'll identify your time wasters and learn new ways to plan a strategy for prioritizing and accomplishing all your tasks at work and home. Not only will you leave this class with a strategy, but you'll have helpful tools to use too. When we manage our time effectively, what we get is more freedom…to do the things that bring us joy and make a difference in our world.
  18. Building Confidence for Life and Career Success – True confidence comes from within! Confident team members work smarter, with more heart and accomplish more for themselves, their teams and those whom they serve. In this full-day program, explore our confidence challengers and discover – what's all the chatter. Participants will learn what thoughts sabotage them and which thoughts help them to succeed. Plus attendees develop their own personal and professional DreamBook™.
  19. Self-Directed Career Coaching and Job Club – Learn to implement this simple and effective Self–Directed Career Coaching program model to help your program participants learn to successfully navigate their job search. During this workshop, you will be introduced to an effective nine-step program that will help your program participants explore career choices, gain improved interviewing and job search skills and expand career opportunities. Materials to implement this success Self-Directed Career Coaching program will be provided.
  20. Find Your JOY! – Learn to manage your stress the fun way. First you'll uncover the reasons for your stress, than you'll learn all the fun ways you can turn your stress around and make it work for you and not against you. Be prepared to have fun, shake your booty and give your bad stress the boot!

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